ESPIRE – We mean more than business!

ESPIRE – Who said E stands for Electronic?? No the uniqueness is lost with the storm called Entrepreneurship sweeping all over India. This is the third sequel of the Pan India Business Plan Competition rebranded as ESPIRE with more attractions and rigorous rounds to make the best person win.


Do you need to have an idea to enter into this contest? Well.. Nobody is born as an entrepreneur. Our aim is to infuse the sense of entrepreneurship in people who want to achieve great in life. ESPIRE shows you the Road To Success by conducting workshops enabling wannabe entrepreneurs convert their smallest of ideas into a Business Model that would work. There is going to be a series of workshops all over India to take you through Ideation to Business Plan Formulation. I am sure the people who attend these workshops will try to generate ideas to submit to this event or at least we would have succeeded to make you think on a long term perspective as an entrepreneur.

what-is-an-entrepreneurLet’s say that you have got your idea and business plans perfectly ready. Do you think it is worth being implemented? We have got mentors to refine your thought process and they will tell you what the investors look for in a business. You win!! They win!! So if you give what the investors want you naturally would have got what you wanted. ESPIRE gives a one-one mentoring session before you come down to Chennai for the Mock Investment Round. By now you would have known the do’s and don’ts in an industry.

Mock Investment round is a unique round to enable you to market your product or services in front of an investor or a venture capitalist!! Did you hear it right??  Yeah!! You get to meet 25-30 venture capitalists and angel investors and pitch in. Your plan and pitch would be evaluated for the financial viability of the project and how revolutionary it may be. An entrepreneur not only generates ideas and plans. He also packages it in a way it is attractive to the investors and consumers! It is MOCK Investment as in you are not getting funded if you win this round but it takes you to the next round with more points and confidence. Now you would know if your plan is capable of being funded based on your pitch on the day. ESPIRE leaves this round to the creativity of the team and the team can bring anything to woo an investor 🙂

Do I need to tell you about the final presentation? Well the finalists get to meet all the VCs, Mentors and experts from various fields and successful entrepreneurs. TiECon is something which anyone doesn’t want to miss. Finalists get to meet hundreds of like minded people who would be interested in your business. One more highlight is that we invite the Top 25 teams for the start up showcase in Chennai during the TieCon. Can you get another platform like this??? You just have to make it to the Top 25.

Networking – The key to success. Word-of-mouth is considered to be the most efficient form of advertising and you get it in such a high fashion through ESPIRE. Of course your relation with ESPIRE does not get over on that day. You also get courses at LIBA and membership in TiE Chennai.

Are you geared up for the challenge?

young entrepreneur


About espire10

If you have a business idea and the passion, commitment, zeal and the entrepreneurial motivation to blossom that idea in to a full-blown commercial venture, this competition is for you.
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