India, Entrepreneurship And Some Questions…

Indians are born to be entrepreneurs. From Europe to Australia, Africa to America, Indians have set up corner shops with their little skills to huge enterprises that literally run the world. World is fast changing and the second largest human resource is still underutilized with just a handful of Tatas and Ambanis and Birlas and Mittals. Is it because Indians lack talent? Or brains? Or innovative ideas?
Indians lack that little push, that extra innings to take them ahead. Villages see everyday innovations that make their lives easier… And still, most of them do not see the light of commercial production, for lack of motivation, ignorance of scope, or lack of capital and guidance. How many ideas are gone unnoticed because of not having an arena to develop? How many recognized ideas find a helping hand for viable production? How many of them get a recognition to keep them going? Keep them working for more? To make them want to do more?

From a cycle that runs on water and land, a scooter-powered flour mill, a solar mosquito killer, a cycle-powered washing machine — these are just a few of the over 100,000 outstanding innovations that have come from school dropouts and poor people from rural India. Education had no part in many of them. In fact, most of them would have not come up with this if they had the ‘education’ we have. Then, with that little push, that helping hand, imagine how many more of them would have come out of their shells with confidence about life? How much more smoother life would be? How many more of our myriad problems would have solutions?


But why go there? Look at our own management institutions. Life is not all about mugging up and spitting fundas. It is about being able to apply them even if you have no goddam idea what exact funda you are using to arrive at your success. India produces managers in 1000s every year. We have some of the best institutions in the world for management education. And still, we seldom see these ‘managers’ taking a risk and getting out to try their hand in starting something up. Most of them end up working under some Tata or Birla or Ambani according to the written rules and unsaid norms. No time to think out of the box in that mad rush. No one has anything different to offer. The ones that get out of the line and try something out come to less than 10% of the total pass outs every year. Why? What is wrong with our system? Is it the dependence on GPAs or is it the classroom ambiance? Or is it the money component? Or is nothing wrong at all? Food for some random thoughts…

MBA may not mean entrepreneurship. But the ones who come in wishing to start up a small something of his own, end mugging up ‘data’ and getting grades and rushing ahead so they dont fall behind and eventually forget to imbibe the real knowledge a management education offers. Finally he or she gets placed in a mechanical corporate world where his or her creativity and individuality gets curbed. Is that what they came for? Does it utilize his or her full potential? Does it even recognize what someone’s full potential is?

InnovationCartoonThe world is changing. Management institutions are realizing the need of bringing out a set stage for the artists inside to try their hands in the untouched niche. Incubators, Entrepreneurship cells, faculty guidance… Yes, slowly we are realizing that it is the duty of every institution, every individual towards the country to help and give a hand to anyone who has something up his sleeve but has no free hand to pull it out. Especially a management education institution, which has a mission to hone the skills of future managers, should make it a point that it has all the necessary facilities to help those that come up with something innovative, something original, however small and insignificant the idea might seem.

With this in mind, LIBA started its own Ecell to nurture and encourage entrepreneurship among its students.. And now, we are proud to present Espire 2010,the third edition of Pan-India Business Plan Competition in tie up with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), and Entrepreneurship Development Institute(EDI) to find and applaud innovative minds and ideas abounding in Indian minds!


About espire10

If you have a business idea and the passion, commitment, zeal and the entrepreneurial motivation to blossom that idea in to a full-blown commercial venture, this competition is for you.
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