NEN joins ESPIRE 2010 – Trio becomes Awesome Foursome

We are back with an awesome new.. We have the fourth and the energetic partner who has joined in recently to sweep through all the colleges in the country!! Guess who?? It is the National Entrepreneurs Network fondly called NEN. LIBA also has an ECELL moderated by NEN, which is instrumental in conducting this Business Plan Competition every year at LIBA. So guys who are all associated with NEN in any way are most welcome to join the journey of this competition and recommend your able friends and colleagues to get their grey cell working. With 2 weeks in hand what a man cannot do???

You can visit the NEN page for details on ESPIRE 2010. ESPIRE Team is celebrating the entry of our New Partner. Come be a part of us!


About espire10

If you have a business idea and the passion, commitment, zeal and the entrepreneurial motivation to blossom that idea in to a full-blown commercial venture, this competition is for you.
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