Ever wondered how Facebook was born or Google became the number one search engine?  How did Infosys or Wipro take shape? There are other up-coming names too – Food King, Goli Vada paav, Artin Dynamics and many others. What is common between these big giants and the smaller enterprises that are aiming high? It is an idea, a dream that sparked off the birth of all these enterprises. And it is a passionate passion for their dream that propelled them to achieve whatever they are today.

Do you too have an idea? Do you dream big? If yes, then ESPIRE 2011 is the best platform to present your ideas, nurture them further in incubation centers and finally let them grow big in the vast world. ESPIRE 2011 is the 4th edition of the Pan-India Business Plan Search of the year contest jointly organized by Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai and TiE. It offers you the best chance to exhibit your business idea, convince the crowd that it is going to be a success and receive mentoring by successful entrepreneurs and incubation at the C.K Prahlad centre for Emerging India in addition to lots of cash prizes. There are also chances of you getting funded and also being able to network with venture capitalists and investors.

Come out with a wonderful Business Plan containing the superb idea that has been toying in your head for long and see it take new light. Be the Change.

Registrations are open at –

For Queries mail : or call 9500043773/9884637271/9003822287

Send in your executive summaries by 15th October, 2011


About espire10

If you have a business idea and the passion, commitment, zeal and the entrepreneurial motivation to blossom that idea in to a full-blown commercial venture, this competition is for you.
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