Lets get it started!

ESPIRE 2010 is already creating waves among the next big entrepreneurs, and we are just getting started!! The official press meet and the inaugural ceremony is all set for tomorrow. Wait.. There is more..The inaugural ceremony will be followed by a My story session & first workshop of the ‘Road to Success’ series !

Here’s the agenda for the inaugural on September 14th


Time Agenda
3:00-3:05 pm Introduction Master of the ceremony  introduces the event and invites the dignitaries to the stage
3:05-3:10 pm Welcome Addres Dr. Jayaram K Iyer, LIBA
3:10-3:15 pm Lighting of the Lamp The Lamp is lit by:
1. Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan,
Vice Chairman and ex-CEO of Cognizant Technologies
2. Fr. Christie P, S.J.
Director, LIBA
3. Mr. Ramaraj R,
President, TiE, Chennai.
4. Mr. Sudeep Jain, I.A.S.,
Special Officer, Entrepreneurship Development Institute,
Govt. of Tamil Nadu
5. Student of LIBA(Kiran Paul)
3:15 – 3:20 pm Inaugural Video Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan,
Vice Chairman and ex-CEO of Cognizant Technologies
3:20-4:00 pm Inaugural Address and My Story Session By Mr. Lakshmi Narayan
Vice Chairman and ex-CEO of Cognizant Technologies.
4:00- 4:30 pm Press Conference Fr.Christie P, S.J,
Director, LIBA
Mr. Sudeep Jain, I.A.S.,
Special Officer, Entrepreneurship Development Institute,
Govt. of Tamil Nadu
Mr. Ramaraj R,
President, TiE Chennai
Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan,
Vice Chairman and ex-CEO of Cognizant Technologies.
4:30-4:35 pm Vote of Thanks Dr. Jayaram K Iyer, LIBA
4:35-4:40 pm Felicitation By Fr. Christie P, S.J.
4:40 pm High Tea High Tea for Dignitaries and members of the Press



Time Agenda
4:40 – 4:45 pm Welcome Mr. Raghu Rajagopal, CEO, Energeate  introduces the Event
4:45 – 5:05 pm Idea Generation By Dr. Jayaram K. Iyer
5:05 – 5:30 pm Executive Summary By Mr. Swaminathan K, CEO, Startup2ScaleUp
5:30 – 6:10 pm Business Plan Formulation By Mr. Chandu Nair  Co-Founder and President, Scope e-Knowledge Centre
6:10 – 6:15 pm Vote of Thanks Student of LIBA
6:15 – 6:20 pm Felicitation By Dr. Jayaram K Iyer, LIBA.

The stage is set for the official ESPIRE launch. Its going to be a exciting and inspiring evening for all the aspiring entrepreneurs of tomorrow.. After all that what ESPIRE 2010 is all about.

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ESPIRE – We mean more than business!

ESPIRE – Who said E stands for Electronic?? No the uniqueness is lost with the storm called Entrepreneurship sweeping all over India. This is the third sequel of the Pan India Business Plan Competition rebranded as ESPIRE with more attractions and rigorous rounds to make the best person win.


Do you need to have an idea to enter into this contest? Well.. Nobody is born as an entrepreneur. Our aim is to infuse the sense of entrepreneurship in people who want to achieve great in life. ESPIRE shows you the Road To Success by conducting workshops enabling wannabe entrepreneurs convert their smallest of ideas into a Business Model that would work. There is going to be a series of workshops all over India to take you through Ideation to Business Plan Formulation. I am sure the people who attend these workshops will try to generate ideas to submit to this event or at least we would have succeeded to make you think on a long term perspective as an entrepreneur.

what-is-an-entrepreneurLet’s say that you have got your idea and business plans perfectly ready. Do you think it is worth being implemented? We have got mentors to refine your thought process and they will tell you what the investors look for in a business. You win!! They win!! So if you give what the investors want you naturally would have got what you wanted. ESPIRE gives a one-one mentoring session before you come down to Chennai for the Mock Investment Round. By now you would have known the do’s and don’ts in an industry.

Mock Investment round is a unique round to enable you to market your product or services in front of an investor or a venture capitalist!! Did you hear it right??  Yeah!! You get to meet 25-30 venture capitalists and angel investors and pitch in. Your plan and pitch would be evaluated for the financial viability of the project and how revolutionary it may be. An entrepreneur not only generates ideas and plans. He also packages it in a way it is attractive to the investors and consumers! It is MOCK Investment as in you are not getting funded if you win this round but it takes you to the next round with more points and confidence. Now you would know if your plan is capable of being funded based on your pitch on the day. ESPIRE leaves this round to the creativity of the team and the team can bring anything to woo an investor 🙂

Do I need to tell you about the final presentation? Well the finalists get to meet all the VCs, Mentors and experts from various fields and successful entrepreneurs. TiECon is something which anyone doesn’t want to miss. Finalists get to meet hundreds of like minded people who would be interested in your business. One more highlight is that we invite the Top 25 teams for the start up showcase in Chennai during the TieCon. Can you get another platform like this??? You just have to make it to the Top 25.

Networking – The key to success. Word-of-mouth is considered to be the most efficient form of advertising and you get it in such a high fashion through ESPIRE. Of course your relation with ESPIRE does not get over on that day. You also get courses at LIBA and membership in TiE Chennai.

Are you geared up for the challenge?

young entrepreneur

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India, Entrepreneurship And Some Questions…

Indians are born to be entrepreneurs. From Europe to Australia, Africa to America, Indians have set up corner shops with their little skills to huge enterprises that literally run the world. World is fast changing and the second largest human resource is still underutilized with just a handful of Tatas and Ambanis and Birlas and Mittals. Is it because Indians lack talent? Or brains? Or innovative ideas?
Indians lack that little push, that extra innings to take them ahead. Villages see everyday innovations that make their lives easier… And still, most of them do not see the light of commercial production, for lack of motivation, ignorance of scope, or lack of capital and guidance. How many ideas are gone unnoticed because of not having an arena to develop? How many recognized ideas find a helping hand for viable production? How many of them get a recognition to keep them going? Keep them working for more? To make them want to do more?

From a cycle that runs on water and land, a scooter-powered flour mill, a solar mosquito killer, a cycle-powered washing machine — these are just a few of the over 100,000 outstanding innovations that have come from school dropouts and poor people from rural India. Education had no part in many of them. In fact, most of them would have not come up with this if they had the ‘education’ we have. Then, with that little push, that helping hand, imagine how many more of them would have come out of their shells with confidence about life? How much more smoother life would be? How many more of our myriad problems would have solutions?


But why go there? Look at our own management institutions. Life is not all about mugging up and spitting fundas. It is about being able to apply them even if you have no goddam idea what exact funda you are using to arrive at your success. India produces managers in 1000s every year. We have some of the best institutions in the world for management education. And still, we seldom see these ‘managers’ taking a risk and getting out to try their hand in starting something up. Most of them end up working under some Tata or Birla or Ambani according to the written rules and unsaid norms. No time to think out of the box in that mad rush. No one has anything different to offer. The ones that get out of the line and try something out come to less than 10% of the total pass outs every year. Why? What is wrong with our system? Is it the dependence on GPAs or is it the classroom ambiance? Or is it the money component? Or is nothing wrong at all? Food for some random thoughts…

MBA may not mean entrepreneurship. But the ones who come in wishing to start up a small something of his own, end mugging up ‘data’ and getting grades and rushing ahead so they dont fall behind and eventually forget to imbibe the real knowledge a management education offers. Finally he or she gets placed in a mechanical corporate world where his or her creativity and individuality gets curbed. Is that what they came for? Does it utilize his or her full potential? Does it even recognize what someone’s full potential is?

InnovationCartoonThe world is changing. Management institutions are realizing the need of bringing out a set stage for the artists inside to try their hands in the untouched niche. Incubators, Entrepreneurship cells, faculty guidance… Yes, slowly we are realizing that it is the duty of every institution, every individual towards the country to help and give a hand to anyone who has something up his sleeve but has no free hand to pull it out. Especially a management education institution, which has a mission to hone the skills of future managers, should make it a point that it has all the necessary facilities to help those that come up with something innovative, something original, however small and insignificant the idea might seem.

With this in mind, LIBA started its own Ecell to nurture and encourage entrepreneurship among its students.. And now, we are proud to present Espire 2010,the third edition of Pan-India Business Plan Competition in tie up with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), and Entrepreneurship Development Institute(EDI) to find and applaud innovative minds and ideas abounding in Indian minds!

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Why’s it all about entrepreneurs?

entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship term initially coined as organiser of orchestra events, has come a long way to be now associated with a person who is a risk bearer, an organiser & an innovator! But seriously, why the sudden limelight and fuss? Are we right in hailing entrepreneurship as a nation’s savior?

One of the functions of Entrepreneurs is that they bring into picture new factors of production by innovation or by combining the existent methods of production in an innovative manner so that the Profit margins increase. Now when the Profit increases the Entrepreneurs will have much more money to invest in other businesses creating Employment opportunities for all. The creation of these opportunities eliminates poverty or to some extent reduces poverty & hence reduces unemployment.

Generation of more employment opportunities will help increase the national income of the economy. More income will attract more taxes which will help the Government of the country to write off its debts or at least reduce its debt to some extent making economy even stronger with time

Entrepreneurs introduce the technological advancements in their areas & improve the productivity. This means more production for the same input. Hence more products can be made for the same input ensuring that the demands of the people of the country are met. This increases the standards of living of the people. When the standards of living increase people have access to all the basic necessities of life & the percentage of people below poverty line decreases.

There’s no doubt that the actions of the Entrepreneurs enable the developing economies like ours to grow at a faster pace.

Entrepreneurs are the engine of the economy, and a business plan competition often serves as the spark that gets them going. Nothing can get better for aspiring entrepreneurs than to have a platform to simplify the process of starting their venture. ESPIRE 2010 provides these business thinkers a network of support to actuate their plans, right from mentors for assistance to potential investors for backing their plans. Hop in , Have fun ideating and executing!

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